Logo Design, Web Design Adviser, Trusted Friend

Though largely a silent partner, from the earliest days of my own blogging, my good friend Ethan has been beside me helping in a number of ways. Notably, he’s typically my go to guy whenever I decide to make any changes to the look around here, and one of the first opinions I seek when it comes to publishing a big article.

Most noticeably, he’s been lending his considerable art talents to me in more direct ways. The original Game Delver character was his design and would not exist without his talents. The newest Delver blavatar and logo that you see so proudly displayed is the sort of brilliance that he’s always willing to give me.

When he’s not busy being a great friend, Ethan is a printmaker by trade. You can see his incredible work over at his own blog, All the Ink.


Contributing Writer, Guild Mate for Life

As officers in a successful World of Warcraft raiding guild, Rich and I became quick friends. Since, our friendship has outlasted all of our adventures in any one MMO. As a fellow veteran MMO fan and experienced gamer, I am happy to have his expertise on hand here. More than that, as a friend, I am happy to argue with him about anything. Civilly, of course.


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