My Purpose

The dictionary defines the verb ‘delve’ as ‘to examine a subject in detail’. Here, we give that meaning a slightly different context: To delve is to dig in deep to a subject that you love and are passionate about. It’s an intellectual pursuit that we all do as human beings. Ranging from classic literature to action games to cooking Ethnic food and football, finding people who have delved deeply into something is an amazing experience, whether I care about the subject or not. There’s always something to learn and explore and take away from meeting any delver. And blogging really is the mecca of people who dig deeply into subjects of all sorts. That’s certainly why I started writing one and it has definitely kept me motivated to look for new blogs to read.

Here on this blog, I want to delve into my own passions and share that with people who want to explore along with me. From games, to music, to books, I want to share what I love and why I love it.

Simultaneously, I am not afraid to explore what other people love. Hopefully, I can use this platform to allow other’s with opinions that I appreciate and respect  to lend their voices to a wider audience. This may be my blog but it’s still intended as a community experience because blogging is inherently social.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something interesting to read.