Alas Vvardenfall (A guest post)

Recollections of Play

If you would kind readers, please welcome blogger C. T. Murphy and one of his gaming memories! I’ve never played the game which he waxes nostalgic about here; and that’s a crying shame, because he makes it sound like a grand time of exploration that led beyond the game itself. If you like what you see here (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t), then you should check his wonderful blog The Delver and follow him on Twitter (@murficity). My thanks go out to him for taking the time to write up this great post!


The ship creeks as the ocean tosses it up and down. My surroundings are a dark, muddy brown array of simple wood textures. A man approaches me, asks me my name, and sends me off to my fate. Opening the door, the light hits me, at first bright before its sharpness dulls…

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