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Playing Til Leaguedom Come: How to Put Away the Keyboard and Enjoy Life Again

Twohp2few gave me a chance to share some of my thoughts as a currently still former League of Legends player. Check it out!

twohp's adventures in the League of Legends

Guest Post By Murfurious

A few weeks back, I decided I was done playing League of Legends again. There were no matches, no horrible players, no terrible changes that forced my decision. Instead, I realized what I always come to eventually realize: League of Legends, for me, is a black hole.

Don’t get me wrong, League of Legends is not a bad game – its community isn’t nearly as horrible as it once was and it will always be fun to play with friends (or strange Canadians you met on the Internet). Like most MMOs and any other game I predominantly play for the multiplayer, it’s the way my mind reacts to the game that really gets me in trouble.

When I am an active League of Legends player, most of my time off revolves around the game. I check my favorite League blogs for news (including this one, hint…

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