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Guest Post: A Primer for Good Grouping

Healing the masses

Yay, a blogger friend that also started during last year’s Newbie Blogger initiative has a guest post for us and he made it into a rant just for little ole me… I’m so proud.

C T (Christopher) Murphy is a self proclaimed master of geek culture, writing words of absolute brilliance and insight on games, books, and TV. Hmm, maybe not that God like but he has certainly produced some really intriguing pieces that critique and amuse. Sadly he hasn’t been writing as much anymore which really is a shame (hint hint Mr Murphy) but what he does is pure quality (unlike my dribble) and there are plenty of posts well worth going back over if you have the time.

Just take a peek at one rather fancy looking profile with all the links including google, twitter, Facebook and the blog. Also, pop over to the Geek Force Network where…

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