Things I Learned From: Guren Lagann

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Gurren Lagann is one of my favorite anime of all time. When I first saw it, I was floored by its over the top story, memorable quotes, loveable characters, amazing art, and unforgettable action scenes. It is difficult to watch a show so awesome and to fall in love so deeply with it without having taken away something from the experience.

These are the things I learned from Gurren Lagann:

 (Warning, Spoilers Ahead)

Having the biggest breasts and the biggest gun doesn’t mean you can’t have the biggest heart too.

Screenshot 2013-06-22 22.31.39

The first episode of Gurren Lagann contains a lot of eye rolling fanservice primarily centered on one of the series major characters, Yoko. A barely dressed marksman with a sniper rifle that only seems to increase in size, Yoko seems like your typical over-the-top anime heroine.

As such, initially I didn’t expect much from her character other than jiggles, panty…

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