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Terraria, or The Game to Rule Them All

I am making it official: Terraria is now the greatest game of all time.

Sure, that seems like a bold statement, but what other game can really compare? Terraria is a super game: part Metroid, part Minecraft, part RPG. And that’s before you touch on the amazing multiplayer, beautiful retro graphics, or incredible replay value. I purchased Terraria for fifteen dollars when it released in 2011. Since then, the game has been on sale time and time again, for less and less money. Yet I would, even now, pay ten times that amount and even then not touch the incredible value I’ve extracted from the game.

Let’s look at a few facts:

  • I clocked in at least fifty hours in the game’s first week with the aid of a few friends.
  • My Steam account currently has me at a whopping 140 hours played.
  • I’ve bought the game for mutliplayer friends because I completely believe in it.
  • I recently purchased the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game to play it with some new console-only buddies I have at work.
  • I preordered Starbound the second day it was available to pre-order because it resembles Terraria so much.

At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘addiction’, ‘madness’, or ‘marketing’. I assure you that I’ve stopped playing and thinking about the game multiple times, I am 99.9% sane, and that I will make no money getting you to buy this game. Terraria is just that incredible.

But why?

Terraria is a rare combination of great creativity and entertainment. It’s a value packed thrill ride constantly pushing you to dig deeper, fight harder, and become cooler. It’s a relatively simple game, especially considering the complete lack of story, but its the perfect engine for having a good time. Unlike a game like Super Metroid which is fun the first time and then slightly less fun the other times, Terraria always feels fresh and different. It’s randomly generated sandboxes and multiplayer friendly approach help to create a dynamic, ever changing environment where you can spend all day fighting your way through Hell or just using dynamite to build a tunnel to it.

Yes, the game has similarities to Minecraft and I’ve often heard it called derivative for doing so, especially when it released. Terraria goes far beyond Minecraft, however, and is an infinitely superior game in every conceivable way. Minecraft’s primary strength relies in it being an internet and gaming sensation that spawned a massive crowd of bloggers, streamers, YouTubers, and modders to really elevate its toolset of block building into gaming legend. The actual gameplay of Minecraft falls incredibly short when compared to something as deep, engrossing, and instantly classic as Terraria’s. While Minecraft offers up stale first person gameplay that would be a better fit in the year DOOM came out, Terraria manages to borrow heavily from old 2D platformers and modernize them into a game that does everything it can to promote crisp, entertaining combat against a variety of enemies and bosses.

But at the end of the day when you’ve pushed all of my love and hyperbole aside, know this: Terraria is a cool game and you should’ve already played it by now. Out now on PC, PSN, and XBLA, check out my slightly less over-the-top review for the recent console version on Counter Attack!



3 thoughts on “Terraria, or The Game to Rule Them All

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  2. Always appreciate your opinion, and I will now be trying it out, thanks to your rambling, however, this is coming from one who never gave minecraft a real chance. Being of such a creative nature I’d think you may have had more patience for that. I will update you once I’ve given it my own evaluation!

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