New Features

I apologize for being a little slow on my follow-up post. I’m starting a new job this week and, though it’s going well, it has been pretty tiring. I do plan on having some new content up this week and I will stay up late to publish it if I have to!

Before that though, I wanted to touch on a few different things I’ve added. Most of them are obvious and from my Views, many of you have had a chance to poke around. Still, I’d like to bring attention to them for those who haven’t.

First up, we’ve got an all new layout. My intention was to keep things sort of simple and clean. While I’d love to use more and more media in my posts, the focus is and will forever be on the writing. I wanted a look that reflected that. Also, I broke sound blog advice and decided to go with a layout that did not feature the full posts. I personally prefer it for navigation purposes, but hopefully it won’t cost me any readers.

More importantly, we’ve got a new logo designed by a good friend of mine. I told him I wanted something with a shovel and after a few prototypes, he gave me a logo that I really love. He’s not just a hobby artist though, my friend Ethan is also a trained Printmaker. You can find more of his work at his own blog, All the Ink.

I also took the liberty of mentioning Ethan in my new Contributors page. Along with my Blogroll page, its my attempt to give back and recognize those who have either helped me blog directly with content or indirectly through other means. Many others deserve to be on it, so I’ll try to keep it up to date.

The Blogroll page specifically is an exact copy of the blogroll I keep in my Feedly and will be updated as regularly as I update that (which varies). I know you hate me all for being the lazy guy who only retweets #FF tweets, so I wanted to make sure that those blogs I love reading have a permanent place. Speaking of which, if you think your’s is missing or that I am missing someone else’s blog, let me know. I love reading and finding new sources of things to read, so I will never bemoan a quality suggestion.

Other than that, not much has changed. I updated the other Pages to be a little more accurate. I overhauled Categories slightly and placed them at the top of the blog. The Categories are actually modelled after how I organize my phone apps, so we will see if that stands the test of time.

One final note: I’ve been actively pursuing some new guest posts from close friends without blogs, and have just started beginning some dialogue for guest posts with other bloggers or post swaps. Simpleek‘s recent examples have really sold me on the idea. That said, if anyone is ever interested in escaping from their own blog, I am always more than willing to discuss posts here. I think my philosophy for content and what I’d personally love to both read and print has been pretty well-established, so fellow blogger or reader alike, feel free to submit any ideas.

Thanks again all for the kind words, encouragement, and support!


6 thoughts on “New Features

    • Perhaps we need another one in the future! I’m going to write you detail instructions so you can emulate an old NES game that I love. I want to read your opinion on it.

      • Please do! I’m always taking game recommendations, especially for older games. And doing another post swap in the future would be most welcome.

  1. I really like the new look! It’s clean and easy to navigate. I don’t think you will deter readers by not having full posts on the front page — in fact, I think it’s better because you have more to take in right away and readers have easier access to previous posts. (That’s why I have the layout I do, and it seems to be working fine for me!)

    • Yeah, your layout is definitely rock solid. It’s weird for me because I am not used to navigating sites directly, since I rely almost exclusively on RSS to expedite my nightly reading.

      I am also notoriously lazy with media, so I can’t do sexy image carousels like on your blog. šŸ˜¦

      • I’d be lazy with media, too, but I picked a layout that would force me to be more proactive about it. Keeping the layout looking good is what motivates me to come up with images! haha.

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