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Welcome to Delver

DelverLogoBeyond even the last month, I’ve been feeling the need for some real change in my approach to blogging. I’ve been completely happy with the growth, new community, and great people that the Game Delver name has led me to, but a lot has changed since I started blogging nearly a year ago. When I began, I wanted to talk only about Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games – games like Ultima Online and World of Warcraft. Yet, when my interests in the genre (but not love, mind you) waned, I began broadening more and more into other areas of gaming. At this point, Game Delver has made its mark and written its best articles on the foundation of mostly non-MMO material.

And that’s okay. When I started blogging, it was a big experiment. I’ve really enjoyed it. More than the page views though, I think it is clear by the fairly active company I keep here on WordPress and through Twitter, that the experiment has been a big success. That’s a big reason why I think it is time to change, or evolve if you will. Much of the experimenting is over, my core audience has been found, and my voice and ability to write a post have been developed enough that they don’t come off as completely amateur.

But what does that all mean, exactly? First of all, I am not going anywhere nor am I going to stop writing about video games. I love blogging and I love gaming and at this point I will never separate the two. Instead of strictly focusing on games or strictly focusing on my own personal relationship with gaming, I finally get to free myself to just write. That may sound funny to some of you. “It’s your blog, write whatever you want”, you might say. But I put a lot of stock in a name. The name Game Delver, for instance, meant that my sole focus had to always be on gaming. I signed up for that limitation and I lived by it.

Even then, people often asked me what the name really meant or ‘why Game Delver’. The simplest answer may be that it was the only thing that came to me that wasn’t already taken. Most of my website ideas are ruined by people who nabbed the URL first, actually. But that’s just a simple answer and conveys none of my deeper reasoning. Let me try to explain:

As much as I am a part of it, I hate the word ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ or ‘gaming culture’ or owning up to the nerd that I am. Culture and identity cannot be so narrowly confined in such tiny ideas without being diminished. The type of personality that I have and that I think many of us have is one of serious intellectual hunger and adventurous passion. That’s really the core of the word ‘delve’ for me – it’s a detailed examination brought about by a personal need for deeper intellectual stimulation and it’s a passionate plea to love something so much that you want to know it. To delve is to dive head first and dig as deep as you can and then keep digging until you’ve uncovered everything you could ever hope to find.

It’s always been about more than just gaming. All I have ever wanted to do with my blog is communicate my love, my passion, my reason, and my knowledge, on whatever subject I may feel so deeply about. That’s what I love in other people, at least, even if the subject is something completely beyond me. When you engage another soul and get them to talk about the things they love the most and think about deeper than anything else, you become simultaneously transfixed and transformed. Why have such a powerful brain if we don’t use it to take glimpses through other perspectives?

In other words, I am going to write about what I love (which extends beyond games). I am going to do my best to find other people who will do the same, but may not have a platform for it yet. My favorite part of this community is finding people with passions and opinions and reasons that I haven’t yet heard, and I want to make sure I support that as much as I may add to it. After all, who is more passionate than the blogger who gets paid nothing yet still spends hours a week writing for an audience that’s not guaranteed?

My intention here with the Delver is, beyond labels like geek or nerd, to keep digging until I hit the core of a subject. That’s where passion comes from and I want to find it.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Delver

  1. That is awesome. I love the new site look (and slightly new name!), and I couldn’t agree more that what’s exciting about this community is finding other passionate, opinionated people… and learning from them, too. I look forward to seeing more content here in the future, whatever the subject!

  2. Well said, Tyler! Seems like a lot of us are growing as bloggers and finding people along the way who want to help and grow along with us. It’s an exciting time to be a blogger I think. 🙂

  3. This is a very nice look you’ve got going here! I love what you said about blogging, and thanks for taking us on your evolutionary ride. Can’t wait to see what new things you write about, gaming or otherwise.

  4. Ooooo new blog (site)! I identify compeletely with the feeling of growing into a blog and wanting to start fresh with all that insight – all the best for this and it already looks great!

    Av – (no I can’t spell)

  5. The new site was well worth the wait. Congrats on the new look, and I look forwarding to reading whatever you take the time to write. You can change the look of something, the subject matter, etc, but you can’t change the guy behind it. As long as it’s you writing, I know it’s worth my time. And if it’s not, then I look forward to a lively discussion on why that’s the case. Either way, fun will be had!

    • Thank you so much, sir! And do not that the feeling is mutual. I’ve come to really enjoy and rely on your League musings, especially as I’ve been getting more and more into the game lately.

      Speaking of which, I’ve a post idea for you.: ‘The Top 5 Champions You Must Own Before You Can Feel Every Role Comfortably’. Mull it over!

  6. It was realy nice reading about your nsmesake abd the passion you have for..delving into games abd the things you love .

    Great to see you and the site grow

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