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Guest Post: Simpleek on Temple Run

Games have expanded beyond just the console and PC. We see more games being developed for iPhone,
Android, iPad, iPod, or whatever your tech gadget of choice may be. Touch screens make interacting with
a game better than ever, especially the quality of graphics our current technology is capable of. Not many
of us are console or PC gamers, but there is a market for casual gamers. In our technologically fast-paced
world, we pass the time at a doctor’s office or waiting in line at the bank by playing a simple game on our
phones we can go back to at any time without it being particularly time consuming. The simplest games
may not seem attractive at first glance, but give it a shot, and you find it’s highly addictive. The first Temple
Run is that game for me. While everyone is now onto Temple Run 2, Imangi Studios’ follow up to the hit
Temple Run, I am fully taking my time enjoying the first game.

When I invested on getting a 16GB iPad with Retina display last year, after saving enough money to
celebrate the new media industry related job I landed that year, I found myself trying to figure out what
apps to add to my shiny new toy. To be honest, I still have a hard time trying to fully fill up the iPad with
apps and games until now. I browsed the iTunes store to get an idea of what were the best apps and games
for free that I could download. I saw Temple Run was one of those games that was highly rated in the store.
After reading a description of the game and the user reviews, I decided to download it and give it a try. You
can’t complain when something is free. Once I launched the game, I immediately dove right in.

The concept behind Temple Run is very simple. You control this Indiana Jones type guy, dubbed an
unoriginal name “Guy Dangerous,” who starts running away from these scary, mutated looking monkey,
crow type monster things. You swipe left or right when a turn comes up. You swipe up to make high jumps
toward the other side of a jagged, broken bridge or to avoid tree roots. Swipe down to make your explorer
guy slide underneath low hanging ceilings or bars of fire. As your guy keeps running, you encounter coins
you can collect. Be sure to tilt your screen at the right moment to get as many of these coins as you can.
The coins act as money you can use to level up certain powerups you can gain at random points in the
game, or buy utilities to activate after you die in the game or to give your character a boost when running.
You can also unlock more characters to represent your running character. These things can get expensive,
so make sure you collect a lot of coins.

I’m not sure if there is really an “end” to Temple Run. If there is, I certainly haven’t reached it. Running,
jumping, and sliding in a game may sound rather boring, but it manages to be a game that is highly
addictive. The addiction comes from wanting to see how long you can last in your current playthrough
without dying––be it a tree, accidentally running off a cliff and into the waters below, or having those
horrifying monkey, crow things catch up to you and eat you. I know I have wanted to beat my current stats
which are as follows:

Highest Score – 105,570

Longest Run – 2,695m

I’m not saying these are impressive stats, but I do want to beat these and go higher if I can. There are also
little achievements in the game you can unlock, but they call them objectives in Temple Run. There’s a
different objective you can unlock, such as “Treasure Hunter” if you scored 50,000 points or “High Roller”
if you scored 100,000 points. If you are an achievement whore, then you will most likely be coming back to
this game again and again just to unlock every single one of the objectives.

Overall, I think this is a fun little game to play for a short time on your phone or tablet if you are looking
for something to keep you distracted. The graphics already look pretty amazing, but I have heard Temple
Run 2 has taken things a step further and made major improvements from the first game. Obviously, if
you are more of a hard core gamer and not a casual gamer who only plays when they are on the go and
need something to do during office visits or checkout line waits, you will get bored maybe after an hour
of gameplay. Not having much of a purpose in the game other than to watch Guy Dangerous outrun those
hulking monster things time and time again after stealing a relic from a cave he shouldn’t have, it gets
repetitive. It also doesn’t help that your locales don’t change much. Get used to seeing the same long path,
the same turns, and the same trees. This is why you would categorize it as a casual game. You only pick up
where you left off without getting invested in a story or having to worry about getting past a boss fight to
get to the next part of the game. It’s mindless fun, and not a bad way to pass fifteen or twenty minutes of
your day.

Temple Run is available to download for free on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

Reviewer Rating: 8/10

For more from Simpleek, please visit her blog. There are a lot of great articles there ready for you to read! You can also follow her on Twitter for up to date information on current and upcoming posts, fun commentary, or to help aid in the fight to get her to become a PC Gamer.


8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Simpleek on Temple Run

  1. Great review! Ohhh Temple Run, this is a game that just plain stresses me out. I’m not good with the fast pace! My heart! But I totally agree that it’s fun to try to beat your own scores in games. I’m not very competitive as a gamer, but I do try to outdo myself in the DMC series, etc. Part of the fun of gaming is improving and feeling that spark from achieving a little goal — even when it’s just playing a little game on your iPad of phone during lunch!

    • Exactly! My heart goes up a little whenever I play Temple Run. I’m always anxious when I know those warped monsters are trying to catch up to my character. I can’t say I’m too competitive either, but I do feel the urge to top my own scores somehow. Especially if I feel I can do better than what my current stats are! 🙂

      • It’s a nice feeling when the stars align and you don’t lose. That’s why I prefer Bit.Trip.Runner, at times, since the levels are preset and you can ‘master’ them.

        Still, Temple Run stays on all of my devices, right beside Fruit Ninja, always. It’s just too nifty a pick up and play a second kind of game.

  2. Thanks for letting me do a post for your blog. Looks like my resistance to become a PC gamer may be waning. Influence is too strong, both with my in real life friends and online friends too!

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