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“Life is like a hurricane …”

Truer words are rarely written, and less often sung in glorious 80’s/90’s cartoon theme hyper-pop. It’s so difficult balancing the young boy still very much alive in me that would love to go on treasure hunts, seeking fame, fortune, and adventure. That’s why I love to read and play video games – the glorious escape of it all. I also think that’s why we love and cherish the things from our youth so much, things like silly cartoon shows, shows like DuckTales.

I’ll never forget the words to this song, ever. There were a lot of other shows I watched that even had great songs. Still to this day, my spirits rise when I hear a certain cartoon bear yell ‘Spin it!’ or when anyone is described as ‘dashing and daring’ or ‘courageous and caring’. But nothing perks me up like the ‘woo-oo’ of DuckTales.

DuckTales was the story of the various adventures of one really, really, really rich duck. Only, his wealth was never what made Scrooge McDuck such an awesome character. To earn his fortune, he was a miser and an asshole, one who had no time for love or family. In his older age, though he still covets his wealth, his priorities changed dramatically. Instead of spending every day trying to increase his wealth tenfold, he spends his time going on adventures with his nephews, his family. Sure, often these adventures are motivated by procuring a new treasure, but that’s rarely the real point. Despite all of his past greed, Scrooge McDuck is ultimately a good guy looking to have fun in his twilight years.

And that’s a powerful arc for the main character on a kid’s cartoon. It’s also one that has stuck with me. Sure, it’s not the most original of life lessons, but it is one we all are bound to learn in our own experiences. Just today I found out that an interview for a promotion I had done earlier this week went poor enough that despite my record, I wasn’t going to be considered for the follow up interview, which means no promotion. As someone who went through college and got a degree despite all of my financial best interests and someone whose parents don’t have a million dollars to keep me afloat, money problems are everyday issues. I can’t really relate to Scrooge McDuck’s vault of gold he so often swims in.

But I can always relate to the love of family, friends, and the need for adventure. Getting home today and finding out that the DuckTales game was getting an HD remake was surprising, but also comforting. Nostalgia and bias aside, I don’t think I’ve seen a better launch trailer for any game. I certainly have never seen one that actually managed to get me to sing along. As I said, I’ll never forget those lyrics, especially when they bring me such joy and such good memories.

If you missed it or haven’t seen it yet, check it out below. I have nothing to really add to the game itself. I played it some as a kid, but always found it too difficult (like most NES games) to get very far. It seemed good at the time though. Plus, I am always up for anything DuckTales, even rebooting the series!


10 thoughts on ““Life is like a hurricane …”

  1. I immediately began singing, I enjoyed the hell out of the original game I look forward to the re-mastered version. Now I wonder if they have more re-masters on the way maybe Rescue Rangers will be next lol.

  2. See, I read it! In all seriousness though, I have never owned an NES, so I never had the nostalgia of playing this game. I do remember the cartoon, and I have fond memories of it. I had a huge flash of nostalgia when I watched the trailer and they included the song! The game does look amazing. The fact that they are remastering it will allow me to play it if this turns out to be good. I miss the 80’s and 90’s. We had better cartoons!

  3. i don’t know whether to be too excited yet. the nostalgia gland is all hyperactive but the actual game looks simplistic and well.. dull. if it’s a mobile game i might grab it.

  4. That trailer made me ridiculously happy. I’m going to have a huge smile on my face and that theme song running through my head all day. I never played the original game, but I loved the cartoon and I still think there’s something really fun about those old platformers. Sure it’s probably mainly going to interest the 80’s and 90’s kids, but well, I’m totally good with that! 😀

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