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Out today on Android, 10000000 is a match three and RPG hybrid puzzle game previously released on iOS.

Featuring old school, RPG graphics and a soundtrack that is good (but gets old quick), the object is to achieve the highest score you can in a single ‘dungeon run’. Successfully killing a monster or unlocking a chest or door requires you to match three or more of the same corresponding icons. For example, a chest has two locks, so you need to match three keys twice or more than three keys once. Monsters come in a few different variations, including ranged monsters who can attack you while you are still fighting/unlocking a chest, heavily armored monsters, and bosses. To kill them, you have to match Staves to do a magic-based attack or swords to do a physical attack. Additionally, matching pouches improves your chances of getting items, which range from keys that instantly unlock anything to items that damage monsters instantly. That may sound a little boring, at least until you realize the time limit.

The time limit completely makes the game. While at first it may feel a little too unforgiving, it keeps a steady pace throughout the game and puts the right level of pressure on the simple match three gameplay, which is otherwise nothing special. As your time winds down, your character falls behind more and more, and once he touches the left side of the screen, your run is over. Though you don’t have a health meter, getting hit by monsters takes away your shield points (which are replenished by, you guessed it, matching three or more shields). When you are out of shields, taking hits knock you back toward the left hand of the screen, thus making the game end even sooner.

The aesthetics aren’t the only RPG elements of the game, though. In addition to gold and experience points you earn from completing objectives, you also earn wood and stone by matching three or more of each respective resource. The addition of two more tiles when combined with staves, keys, swords, and pouches already lead to a pretty chaotic match three game. The resources you gain allow you to build and upgrade various kinds of shops, each with unique ways to improve your game. With the exception of specific perks which are incredibly powerful and cost experience points, all of the various shop upgrades cost gold, which can be tough to earn quickly. Additionally, there is an Alchemy shop which doesn’t sell anything, but allows you activate Potions which can alter your dungeon runs to tailor you toward getting more of the resources you need.

All in all, it’s a very fun blend of simple puzzle gameplay with roleplaying elements. It’s definitely a time sink if you have trouble pulling away from these types of games like I do. Also, it’s made even better since it isn’t weighted down by typical mobile microtransactions.

It’s out now on Google Play for the low price $1.99. Buy it if you find yourself bored and waiting around a lot.


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