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More Excuses to Back Project Awakened

In case my first pitch or my interview with one of the designers weren’t enough, there are more reasons why you should already be backing Project Awakened.

First up, here is a better look at some of the abilities the game will feature for your customized superhero:

Did you see the Satellite Strike ability about two minutes into the video? How awesome was that? I love that physics are being heavily utilized as a we to really amp up the awesome. Nothing says ‘Great Sandbox’ like throwing cars around in a massive explosion. It might be tough to not pick Gravity Manipulation though. It’s kind of fun to combine an entire street of objects and enemies into one massive singularity.

Additionally, Project Awakened intends on allowing players to customize the visuals of these powers. According to a recent update, “Our ability tool will allow you to mix and match visual style, animation, damage, effects, sounds, and more to mix-n-match from amongst our ability libraries, or use new content that you create, to make anything you can imagine.” Let’s hope there will be a pelvic thrust animation in the base game, so I can thrust tornadoes at my enemies.

If that’s not enough, then you are some sort of super dullard who can’t be reached through your wall of disdain and boringness. Still, that does not mean that there isn’t more to share.

For example, if you missed it, Project Awakened already has a page up on Steam Greenlight. If you aren’t sold yet, there are a lot of great videos to watch there directly from your Steam window. And even if you aren’t planning on backing just yet, voting to get the game greenlit for Steam is still free, so please show some support that way!

As for today specifically, Project Awakened’s developer, Phosphor Games, too to Reddit for a good ole fashioned AMA. Here are a few choice quotes to get even more excited for the game:

We plan on having an open world hub that will be a total sandbox environment as well as linear branches where the player will have to use their abilities to creatively solve challenges we put in their way.

The AI will absolutely adjust to the way you play. AI something that we know will be key to realizing the create a player aspect of the game. With that in mind the AI will be able to recognize what type of abilities the player is using and respond accordingly. From running away from the bomb type moves like tornado, to blind firing in your last direction if you go invisible in front of them, we plan on making sure that AI will be just as reactive as you would expect from such an in depth create a player.

The narrative will center around the various conflicts and tensions caused by the existence of augmentation technology and the struggles this tech causes between various factions (governments, corporations, vigilantes, private militias, dissidents, etc.) We think it makes sense to have some branching and different endings based on the faction the player decides to ally himself with or the choices he makes in the game.

We were inspired by a lot of MMOs and their ability to allow players to really create characters that were their own. We love character creation but we wanted to be able to use our custom creations in an action game environment. It was from that basic idea that we came up with the idea 6 years ago where we worked on a game called Hero. After Midway Games went bankrupt, we took those principals to Phosphor where we still feel strongly that we had something special and have been trying to make that game ever since.

Handle this new information as you will. But don’t forget, the Kickstarter for Project Awakened is still live and waiting for you.


3 thoughts on “More Excuses to Back Project Awakened

  1. This seems like it would be an excellent game! The best parts of many super-hero movies are the montages when they are exploring their powers. I feel as though a game like this would have a big draw. Thanks for sharing! -Astro

    • Yeah, definitely. Even if the final ‘game’ part of the product fails to impress, I think this could be a very fun toolset.

      The developer has even mentioned the willingness to include an unfinished multiplayer (assuming they don’t hit the stretch goal which promises to deliver a working multiplayer mode), just so modders and the like have it to play around with.

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