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Planetary Annihilation: Now Reporting for Duty, the Delta Commander


Combining coolness and functionality, a recent LiveStream from Planetary Annihilation developer, Uber Entertainment, is ready to show off the Delta Commander unit for their successfully kickstarted RTS. Last time, I talked a little bit about their terrain detail, but now it is time to delve into the unit design process for the game.

One of the most fascinating parts of the design process is how the Uber Entertainment team have been utilizing their backer-only forums. Before everyone else gets a chance to see new information, a lot of it is first put up in bits and pieces on the forums for those most die hard and invested of fans to provide necessary criticism. For the Delta Commander specifically, the model had originally started off completely symmetrical, but after feedback, Uber changed it to an asymmetric look to immediately reflect the units dual combat and building purposes.


It’s really a lovely piece of design too. It keeps the original intent of the Kickstarter to create something simple, beautiful, and still incredibly functional game. It’s very important to have units that are not only distinct enough that they be instantly recognizable in the heat of battle, but also designed in such a way to indicate exactly what they can do without needing to memorize a manual or play the game for five hours. And if the look doesn’t have a personality of its own, how about this? The ultimate weapon for commanders in Planetary Annihilation will be called the ‘Uber Cannon’. Self-referential and awesome at the same time, it’s another win for the community over on the backer forums who are helping Uber Entertainment steer this game toward perfection.

All in all, it’s another great indicator that beyond just getting new and interesting games funded, Kickstarter is providing an entirely different approach to community outreach when it comes to designing your game. When the people who want the product the most for themselves are your investors, it seems like it’s really possible to let those same super fans into the design process with you. I really do believe Planetary Annihilation will be a greater game because of Kickstarter rather than despite it. And if these recent updates are indication, I hope the way they’ve been including their backers will be the standard of Kickstarter videogame projects rather than the exception.

If you still crave more information about Planetary Annihilation, here is their newest LiveStream embedded below:


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