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MMO Update: Firefall, Guild Wars 2, The Repopulation, Wizardry Online, and The Secret World


Fellow blogger Chuck, over at Counter Attack, was kind enough to extend me an invite to the Firefall closed beta. I haven’t followed the game very closely, given it being a far more atypical type of MMORPG. But now I have it downloaded and ready to play … if only I could find some free time!

For an immediate analysis of Firefall, Healing the Masses has a great article out right now on the subject.

Guild Wars 2

No, I am still not going to return to Guild Wars 2, but recent news of their Living Story system peaked my interests.

It is a noble idea to add finite content to a MMO that does have long-term ramifications. If it is implemented the way I think it will be implemented, it should play out like a much smarter bridging between patch content. I always loved big content patches that overhaul zones or add new ones, but it was bothersome that these plays changed over night. With the Living Story system, maybe we will see these changes gradually and players will experience content that feels more dynamic and interesting because of its lack of permanence.

That said, nothing about Guild Wars 2 story, world, or characters, in the original launch would ever have me excited about new story, setting, and characters. I just think it’s a really smart approach by ArenaNet.

The Repopulation

Always in my purview but never my focus, The Repopulation is an upcoming sci-fi sandbox MMORPG. The game promises interesting crafting, player-run economies, and a deeper housing system. It may be the third coming of Ultima Online (the second being Star Wars Galaxies when it originally launched), but it is hard to tell. Creating a good sandbox MMO takes more creativity, better designers, and more passion than other types of MMO.

Still, the End of January Update for The Repopulation is really starting to sell the game to me. “Wind should now affect the trees in a more realistic manner” may sound like fluff, but it is the kind of fluff that builds immersion.

Wizardry Online

The Western RPG series turned Eastern MMO re-released by a Western MMO company, Wizardry Online, recently launched. It is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG published and run by perennial MMO darling (and pariah), SOE.

The game’s biggest claim to fame is a permanent death system where every time you die, there is a chance your character is permanently deleted from your account. Seems silly, but it is the right amount of balls I expect in a new MMO, if everything else is fun, fair, and accessible.

I will let you know if that’s the case if I am ever able to connect. I downloaded the client through Steam, used my typical SOE credentials, and every time I get stuck at ‘Connecting’. Wizardry Online’s twitter account said they are resolving it, but I haven’t be able to connect yet. That said, the main menu music is really, really good.

The Secret World

I still haven’t managed a trade, but my thread is finally live. Spread the word or get in on the action, pretty pretty please!


5 thoughts on “MMO Update: Firefall, Guild Wars 2, The Repopulation, Wizardry Online, and The Secret World

  1. Haven’t heard about The Repopulation before at all. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi MMOs, but I hope that housing system works out, sounds pretty good!

    I don’t think my blood pressure would take Wizardry Online… like you say though, it’s a courageous gameplay choice, and they must know they’re potentially losing money by making it.

  2. I just started playing Wizardry last night with a few of my friends. I like the concept of a really, really difficult MMO, since most of them seem pretty casual these days. (Nothing wrong with that, I just enjoy a change of pace.) Haven’t gotten very far but I might be blogging about it once I get started. =D

    • I can’t wait to read it. It still isn’t connecting for me.

      And yeah, I would love a more serious, less casual MMO in general. Only, it seems like when companies aim for that to be the case, they swing everything to that direction and you end up with overly clunky, unforgiving grindfests.

      • Yeah, I’m having trouble with it as well. Which sucks, because I’d like to get my character up to lvl 4, which is where my friends are at right now. =/

        And yes, I know exactly what you mean about the clunky grindfests. Fun in small bursts, maybe, but not something that keeps you coming back for more.

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