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SimCity, Building Up to a March 5th Release

I picked up Tropico 4 during the Holiday Steam Sale. I absolutely loved all of the charm of Tropico 3, but I had waited on Tropico 4 up until last month because it seemed like a minimal upgrade at best. I was right, but at the discounted price, Tropico 4 has still managed to be an addicting piece of entertainment.

It isn’t scratching my itch to play SimCity though. Despite being a really good improvement on Tropico 3, Tropico 4 is still the sort of humorous and limited take on a genre that I grew up with. Even re-installing Zeus and Pharaoh  have done little to satiate the increasingly severe pangs of hunger I have for SimCity. Truth of the matter, I need SimCity, and I need it right now.

Yeah, yeah. “You are supporting the Man”, some of you might protest. I am with you, friends. I really do hate EA and supporting EA and buying anything EA. Especially since it means that I will be forced to buy and play SimCity through Origins (most likely). It only took the dismantling of ORIGIN and the cancelling of one Ultima Online sequel (let alone two, god damn you EA) to put EA on my ‘do not like’ list. Everything else they have done since that? Mere icing.

“But Murf, the always-on DRM! We can’t have that”, others of you might bellow. Yeah, no. I can’t stand this argument against buying SimCity. The game’s very design is built on being a game with a large amount of social elements enabled by being, you guessed it, always online. I love all of the ideas that Maxis have presented with this, and do fully think it will help reinvigorate and refresh what has honestly become a stale, niche genre.

I will listen to the argument that this game looks like a smaller, casual-friendly version of a PC gaming classic. I will also ignore it due to blind faith, bias, and just wanting a new SimCity game to be in love with or disappointed over.

Love will put you on those sorts of situations, after all.


3 thoughts on “SimCity, Building Up to a March 5th Release

  1. SimCity looks amazing and the fact most articles on it feature posts pertaining to what you have already discussed annoys the hell out of me. People actually write “The game looks great but I will never buy because of Origin/DRM.” That is a ridiculous statement and I wish to slap those people. Most people hated Steam when that first came out as well, look how things change!
    As for Tropico 4, the base game is a small improvement over 3, but the expansion Modern Times adds a decent amount of variety to the package, although it was extremely frustrating finding out it doesn’t add to your current island, I had to restart another for the expansions content to be included.

  2. Actually, the online requirement is a valid argument for many people. Especially those of us in the military who get sent to places with no, or very slow, personal internet access for 9 months to a year at a time.

    • That’s certainly a better argument than most I have read.

      Still, the design of the game requires that its online components are integral to the experience. This is not unlike MMORPGs. It does suck but it’s a new direction for the series and for the genre. One that I personally feel is a step in the right direction.

      Sorry you won’t be able to play though!

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