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Free DOTA 2 Keys

The Steam gods have blessed me with a few extra copies of DOTA 2. As everyone on my friend’s list already has it, and I don’t imagine each key to retain much value with a sudden influx of free ones to give away, I am passing them on to whoever wants them.

Just leave me a (really) nice comment and/or send me a little free traffic!


8 thoughts on “Free DOTA 2 Keys

  1. I got the influx of keys as well, now I have 6 keys for that darn game (><) Tried giving some away on CA! couple weeks ago but nobody commented! Good luck to your gift giving sir!

  2. Good evening. If you have any keys left, please send one my way. I left LoL recently, and am hoping to get into DODA2 instead. Thank you.

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