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Reviewing My Steam Library: E and F

I’ve been a Steam user since the service first launched as a means to digitally download Half-Life 2. And I’ve been in love ever since. With its great deals, its ease of purchase, and its status as my number one platform for all things gaming, my Steam library has ballooned up over the years. This is an attempt to write one sentence on every game (currently) residing in my Steam library.

  • Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Perhaps my favorite Western RPG of all time, but it hasn’t aged well (without heavy, heavy modding).
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: A solid but forgettable entry in an otherwise untouchable series.
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: A return to much of the glory of Morrowind with better gameplay though a lot less charm.
  • Elven Legacy: One of my worst impulse buys ever.
  • Empire: Total War: I love the series, but I haven’t got around to this one yet (or the many that have since come out after it).
  • Fallout: New Vegas: Obsidian’s best game and the best Fallout game since Fallout 1, which is saying a hell of a lot considering just how great Fallout 2 was.
  • Far Cry 2: Bored me too much to finish, but I did get five minutes of enjoyment out of setting grass on fire.
  • Fate of the World: This was one of those Holiday buys from last years Steam sale just to get more lumps of coal, but it was a pleasant surprise.
  • Fieldrunners: I bought it in a Humble Bundle for Android, but it is great on all platforms.
  • Freedom Force: I remember trying out the demo for this game and being sad that my computer couldn’t run it.
  • Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich: When my computer finally could run a Freedom Force game, I went straight to this one – and it is still my favorite Irrational Game.
  • From Dust: I waited on this game because of the disappointed reviews, but I wanted to kick myself for waiting since it is a really cool puzzle game.
  • FTL: Faster Than Light: A game of the year: pure, unfiltered awesome.

2 thoughts on “Reviewing My Steam Library: E and F

  1. Everything you said about The Elder Scrolls games is exactly right, and makes you a thousand times cooler. Morrowind is the best and Oblivion was disappointing!

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