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Upcoming Release: Street Fighter x Mega Man

In case you didn’t hear the news this weekend, Capcom announced a free downloadable 8 bit Mega Man game called Street Figher x Mega Man. The game stars (quite obviously) many notable members of the Street Fighter franchise, as well as Mega Man himself in a classic-style Mega Man platformer.

This will be the first title specific to Capcom’s two greatest franchises, but this isn’t the first time that Mega Man and Street Fighter have had some cross-over. Here is a very brief history:

Hidden Specials in the Mega Man X series:

I am a much bigger fan of the Mega Man X series than the original Mega Man or Street Fighter games. Needless to say, I remember going through the huge amount of trouble to unlock Ryu from Street Fighter’s hadouken ability in Mega Man X on the SNES. Here is a YouTube guide by MathUDX to getting the unique Easter Egg:

It was also possible to obtain the shoryuken in Mega Man X2.

Bad Box Art Mega Man Makes His DLC Debut in Street Fighter x Tekken:

Click for the original Destructoid article.

I managed to skip Street Fighter x Tekken, so I must’ve missed this one. Exclusive to the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, an overweight, middle-aged version of the Blue Bomber based on the original NES game’s horrible, horrible box art surprised and angered die hard Mega Man fans. It’s a funny joke, but man is he one ugly Mega Man!

Mega Man’s Steady Roll (Aha!) in the Marvel vs Capcom Series:

I absolutely loved my Dreamcast, and I bought almost every great game for the system. Despite my general disinterest in fighters, I absolutely loved Marvel vs Capcom 2. The game had an absolutely amazing cast of different fighters, which ranged from some of my favorite comic book characters (Iceman and Magneto) to one of my favorite video game characters: you guess, it Mega Man!

There is no better cross-over fan joy than killing Thanos with Mega Man.

Street Fighter x Mega Man will be available as a free download on December 17th at the game’s announcement page on Capcom-Unity. Go ahead and bookmark it today!


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