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Reviewing My Steam Library: C is for C++

I’ve been a Steam user since the service first launched as a means to digitally download Half-Life 2. And I’ve been in love ever since. With its great deals, its ease of purchase, and its status as my number one platform for all things gaming, my Steam library has ballooned up over the years. This is an attempt to write one sentence on every game (currently) residing in my Steam library.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: I played the ever-loving hell out of the multiplayer for this on my 360, and when it went on sale (which isn’t saying much for a Call of Duty game, even on Steam), I bought it and played the ever-loving hell out of it again!
  • Cargo Commander: Here’s some shameless self-promotion (which tells you that this is a great game).
  • Cave Story+: I picked it up along the way on the recommendation of a friend, but still haven’t really booted it up.
  • Cogs: No idea what this is or where it came from!
  • Company of Heroes: A class strategy game that I can never get into because Medal of Honor burned me out on WWII.
  • Costume Quest: A Tim Schaefer demo that tickled with me laughter on the 360, that has only been left in the dust since I bought it on Steam.
  • Counter-Strike: I hate Counter-Strike.
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe: See Cogs.
  • Cthulu Saves the World: I wasn’t going to start this one until I finished Breath of Death (same developer) first, but I am betting it’ll be really awesome.

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