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Productivity Delver: Feedly and Using RSS

I forget exactly what first spurred me on to becoming a RSS addict, though it was probably a Lifehacker article and my love for podcasts on iTunes. All I know is that RSS (and Feedly to be more specific) is the greatest thing to ever happen to me as far as completely changing how I interact with the internet.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, and basically functions as a way to quickly read posts from almost any kind of website in a quicker and far simpler way. Before I used Feedly, I was one of those people who would sit down in my computer chair and immediately open twenty different websites to check for the latest news and information. RSS feeds cure that sort of behavior providing a single location that aggregates the feeds of any website you choose.

If you aren’t using RSS yet, then I don’t believe you are using the internet correctly.

The benefit of an app like Feedly is that it sexies up your RSS feed and adds a nice amount of added features. Instead of just providing a means to collect news stories from my favorite sites and blogs, it also lets me share those stories more easily with friends and family on almost any social network, or archive them for later reading. It also works great on tablets and smartphones, so I never am too far away from my feed.

For blogging, it is especially helpful to have something like Feedly. I am almost immediately up to date on the latest gaming news at all times, which leaves me with more time to think over how I might report a particular story that I believe is important. Feedly keeps me in touch. It also helps because RSS feeds are increasingly popular and being able to write a blog post in such a way that can better appeal to the typical RSS user helps keep those viewers who will consistently read your work consistently returning.

I have tried a lot of RSS feeders outside of Feedly, but it’s my favorite hands-down. Feedly’s major purpose is being my main RSS feeder for the topics that are most important to me on a daily basis.I do use a few others for more specific reasons, however.

I use Pulse on my smartphone as an aggregate for a variety of cooking websites. I don’t want to read recipes everyday, but when I get around to it, it’s nice to have a collected and varied set to browse. I also use Google Currents, but only for straight news sites that I read very infrequently. I am also doing some experimentation with Flipboard as a replacement for the broad news-centric usage I get out of Google Currents, but with the added benefit of aggregating my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).

All four apps can be used as your sole RSS app, if you’d prefer though. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it really just takes some simple trial and error to decide which one is the best fit for you. Feedly just has the best cross-platform performance, which I find too necessary to ignore. But if you’ll never read your RSS on your computer or you want to exclusively read it on your tablet or phone, Pulse, Google Currents, and Flipboard are all excellent options.

I only recently added my own blog to my Feedly, and was surprised to see it listed as one that a couple of other people had already added. To those viewers, I humbly thank you for giving me a really warm feeling of excitement and satisfaction. To everyone else, try out RSS and consider making Game Delver a staple of your daily information diet!

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6 thoughts on “Productivity Delver: Feedly and Using RSS

  1. I try to stay in the loop with most things, but I have always avoided RSS feeds, and never really gave them any thought. Since recently blogging I have wondered what exactly they are, and glad you posted this. I downloaded Feedly onto my iPhone and added your site, hopefully this will be a nice partner for Twitter as my main source of news while at school.

    • Hey, thanks for the add. Don’t let any of my bad posts ruin your taste in RSS feeders, though! haha

      The other cool thing about Feedly that I just glossed over is the fact that it has add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. That way you can at least set it up on your computer, instead of the smaller screen.

      You might also want to look at Flipboard in detail on your iPhone. It has a lovely interface (though I don’t really care for the flip aspect) and it can aggregate your Twitter feed. It won’t replace my Feedly, but I am liking it more and more every day I use it.

      • I added Feedly into Chrome as well shortly after downloading from App Store. Now I am trying to figure out how to make a feed for CA! but I can’t figure it out…hmmm…

      • Click ‘Add Website’ on the left-hand side and a menu will pop up on your right. At the top is a search bar. Enter the URL there.

        It should find it, display recent articles and how it will look, and have an add button at the top!

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