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3 Exemplary Social Games to Play Over the Holidays

If you are like me and consider yourself a serious gamer, then the thought of playing games on Facebook might make your stomach turn in disgust. If you are also like me, you might not have a lot of good mobile options for gaming while you are doing your holiday vacationing. However, I am here to tell you that Facebook does have some fun games that you can access on almost any computer to play with any of your loved ones (or random strangers!)

SongPop is my most recent social gaming addiction, and one I’ve been playing extensively with the girlfriend. It is an incredibly simple game that banks on your knowledge of songs and musical artists from varying eras and genres and the nostalgia you might have for hearing them all again. Players go in rounds where they first pick a Playlist, then pick the right song or artist for the sound clip from a possibility of four choices. The quicker you pick the correct answer, the more points you earn. As you guess more and more songs correctly, your playlists level up, which unlocks more songs. You also earn coins that can be used to unlock new playlists.

The game really shines as a quick fix of multiplayer goodness that will keep you coming back again and again. SongPop catches that first principle rule of being a good social gaming: quick and fun accessibility.

Google Play: SongPop Free, SongPop

Facebook: SongPop

It might be strange to call any game a classic, but Words with Friends is the classic Facebook game. It is also still really good. Words with Friends is essentially a copy of the classic board game Scrabble, but done in perfect fashion to take advantage of Facebook. Players take turns placing tiles to spell out words, which earns points. It’s simple and elegant.

Yet, it’s also fascinatingly brutal. Moving beyond just playing each hand for a high score, playing Words with Friends to win should also have you employing some awareness of the letters your opponent might have, how to best cut them off from important score bonuses, and a variety of other nuanced approaches that help secure your victory. When played right, Words with Friends is an addictingly serious matter.

Google Play: Words with Friends Free

Facebook: Words with Friends

This last one may seem like a cop out since it is very much like the classic Nintendo game Tetris, but Tetris Battle proves to be its own thing. Tetris Battle combines the gameplay of Tetris with a wide variety of multiplayer modes that utilize Facebook to pit you against random strangers. It is an absolute blast.

Like SongPop, Tetris Battle hits that sweet spot of giving you just enough multiplayer goodness per session without dragging them game out. It really excels at providing you plenty of fun for however long you want to play it, be that one match or twenty. It’s also great fun when you bring in friends, as getting that last line clear right before the buzzer to in the match is as exhilarating as any other game’s final moments. Tetris Battle is my favorite social game of all time and one that I think would be a big hit with average gamers if it weren’t blacklisted because it’s one of those ‘stupid Facebook games’.

Facebook: Tetris Battle


3 thoughts on “3 Exemplary Social Games to Play Over the Holidays

  1. Kabam also have a few interesting games.
    I played Dragons of Atlantis on facebook, for almost a year. I am almost ashamed to admit how hooked I was! The new “Hobbit” game isn’t (yet?) launched on facebook but can be played on handheld devices. I tried it for like 10 minutes before realizing my phone is too crappy to run it smoothly.

    Speaking of mobile devices and games, I have gotten seriously hooked on playing on my little Xperia Neo lately, and have been rummaging through Google Play like crazy for the last 6 months. I do believe that tabs and smart phones are the future of gaming, but I do wish that not EVERYBODY could add their stuff on these markets… A lot of rubbish to be found. However, when we (me and my fellow students) start to publish our crap on the same markets, I will be grateful it’s allowed 😉

    • Google Play would definitely benefit from some heavy curation when it comes to games. Most are shovelware, which end up getting downloaded anyway.

      I’ll have to check out Dragons of Atlantis. I’ve only seen it around, never played it. I am usually pretty weary about Facebook games, simply because everyone can see what I am trying out.

      • Yes, that’s the horror of Facebook… 😉 If you are into strategic war games then maybe DoA is something for you. Or the Hobbit, if you have a device to run it on. That one seemed very cool, but very similar to Kabams other strategic war games. (Very typical of Kabam…)

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