Now Backing: BIT Parts

I have had a little more free time lately to spend more time on my blog. That’s why you might have seen a greater volume of posts this week (hopefully better written than usual), a new look, and a completely overhauled set of tags. The last part is the most important part for me.

In an effort to get my blog out there more so I can meet like and un-like fellow bloggers and also to take advantage more of what the WordPress community offers, I wanted to use tags that people might actually read. I hadn’t really realized that WordPress has a set of popular tags that you can follow until I started looking at all the fancy tabs on the left-hand side of my screen.

Recently, I have been exploring a lot of those tags. I now follow posts tagged as ‘philosophy’ given my degree in the subject or ‘gaming’ given the subject of this blog. It so happened that the other night I chanced upon a particular post under the ‘gaming’ tag. The sort of post that becomes almost instantly pleasing.

This particular post came from the blog RobWritesPulp, and it was a plea for his fellow man to back a Kickstarter project called ‘BIT Parts’.

I love Kickstarter, so I am always open to new projects. Whether it was the late hour which I was watching it or not, the conceit for BIT Parts – a humorous X-Files for gamers where two special agents go inside games to investigate bugs and other problems – was just too brilliant. The short and to the point style of each episode, along with the specific game it focused on, had me laughing out loud.

Watch the first two episodes, available now on YouTube, and you’ll see exactly why I think this project is awesome:

The Kickstarter for BIT Parts seems well reasoned and entirely fair. They openly state that they pay their staff, which does mean that producing an individual episode isn’t free. It is also clear that they have a real passion for video games, and some pretty good ideas of how to entertain gamers.

Even if this project doesn’t get successfully funded, I think they’ll appreciate any support they can get. The videos are definitely good enough to share with friends and fellow gamers. That’s why I am writing about them now on my own little plot of Internet land.

So give BIT Parts a shot, and if you like what you see, consider pledging a few dollars so that we can all see more.

Kickstarter: BIT Parts

YouTube: BlueGoogleFilms


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