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MoKo Slimfit Case for Nexus 7: The Best Nexus 7 Accessory

I bought my Nexus 7 over the summer when it first came out, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Yet, only now have I finally taken the plunge and bought a case to house my device: the MoKo Slimfit. And after some extensive use with my MoKo, I just have to wonder one thing: Why did I wait so long?

The MoKo Slimfit case is the perfect answer to every single need I ever had in a case. The biggest reason I had waited so long on getting a case was because I hadn’t yet seen a good blend of quality and the right features. The MoKo is that good blend.

Rather than going overboard on how the case secures the tablet, the MoKo’s simple claw approach grips the tablet minimally in all of the necessary spots. And, like any good case, this minimal approach leaves you access to every button and to every speaker. You also won’t be complaining about removing your device from your case, if you ever choose to do so, because, while still very secure, the MoKo Slimfit is very easy to detach. This is in stark contrast to something like my phone’s Otterbox which leaves my fingers cramped and bruised.

The material is a nice faux leather that feels strong enough to absorb basic impacts. It doesn’t have a texture that sends shivers down my spine, which can often be a serious issue for me with cases that use certain materials. All in all, the MoKo Slimlift has a look of simple quality and could easily fit in casual and professional environments.

Most importantly, however, are the Moko Slimfit’s list of features. When I began my search for a quality case, I really wanted something with a good stand system. I often watch videos in bed on my tablet, so I wanted a stand that could rest easily on my lap or chest. This case delivers, hands down.

The stand aspect is built right into the front cover, and requires you to easily detach the bottom two claws that secure the tablet so it can lean into one of two viewing angles. It is simple, easy, and effective. I have had absolutely no issue using stand exactly how I expected to either in bed or at my desk.

A few other notable features include a hand strap for holding the device in Portrait with one hand and a smart cover-esque magnet system. While I was curious to see these features, they weren’t reasons I bought the model. I was wrong not too consider them as major bonuses, because I love both features very much. The hand strap is secure and very comfortable and the smart cover aspect (which wakes the device when you open the cover) is incredibly handy.

I only have one slight complaint. One of the two positions for standing the Nexus 7 in landscape isn’t quite deep enough to consistently prop up the device. It still works, so it’s a minor complaint, but it does annoy me that it doesn’t work quite as well as the other slot.

Overall, this is for me the must own accessory and case for any Nexus 7 user. It feels and looks great, but more importantly: it just works. If you are still in the market for a case for your tablet, then head over to Amazon and pick this one up. You won’t regret it.


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