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Bits and Bites: Riot Draws a Line, Zynga Goes Full Circle

Now every story is worth a few article, but here are a couple of ones that I think are at least worth a mention:

PC Gamer: League of Legends pro-player banned for “persistent toxic behavior”

It’s great to see MOBA juggernaut Riot Games continue their fight against a culture of racism, hate, and bigotry, that has plagued the genre for as long as I have ever known. Given Riot’s extreme focus on the competitive gaming scene and the amount of time they dedicate specifically toward those participate it, it’s nice to see them draw a line even when it comes to one of the game’s most elite players.

As I have written before, a lot of Riot’s efforts to clean up the hostility and outright sliminess of your typical match of League have been worthwhile. Personally, I ‘m glad they are still at it.

And completely unrelated:

Polygon: Zynga applies for gambling license with the state of Nevada

While perhaps not a completely fair assessment, I often feel like Zynga is closer to gambling and typical games of chance than being any sort of a real member of video games. Many of their games seem only a couple of steps removed from drawing your average white whale in so they can spend big, not unlike gambling and casinos. So it’s nice to see the zebra as a zebra and not just a painted horse.

If this does go through, it’ll be weird to see how this places out. Many of Zynga’s games look like they were designed for children. While I imagine that this is mostly for their line of poker and slots games, it does seem like a potentially grey area of the ubiquity of gaming, Facebook, and addiction to either is getting shaded in with the dark, dark ills of one of the world’s oldest vices.


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