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Now Playing: Super Hexagon

As Super Hexagon is not exactly a Halo 4, Skyrim, or even a Binding of Isaac, I am going to have a little fun with this review. In the spirit of the game itself, I am going to write each sentence in the same way that you might experience them if each sentence were a single session of playing this game … here goes!

Begin. Super Hexagon is  … Game Over.

Begin. Terry Cavanagh, creator of … Game Over.

Begin. The soundtrack really … Game Over.

Begin. You know you are in for some ‘fun’ when the first difficulty setting is called Hard  … Game Over.

Begin. My first sessions averaged only 5 seconds, but as I progressed … Game Over.

Begin. The game is addicting in a way familiar to mobile game lovers, but still controls great on a … Game Over.

Begin. The longer you survive, the quicker and harder the game becomes. The hexagon part of the game changes shape which forces you to be far  … Game Over.

Begin. The constantly panning camera is great, but can still go to … Game Over.

Begin. I won’t even dream of higher … Game Over.

Begin. Super Hexagon is so fast. Rockets strapped to a cheetah being chased by Star Destroyers across the galaxy in a friction-less void … Game Over.

Begin. I can’t recommend it if you are the type of gamer that throws things or has a cat that likes to … Game Over.

Begin. However, for the price, Super Hexagon is a must own, even though it will end up owning you. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over … Game Over.

Begin. … and over and over and over and over and … Game Over.

Super Hexagon is out now on Steam, and on sale for $2.00 until December 4th.


3 thoughts on “Now Playing: Super Hexagon

    • Your’s is more informative than mine though! I am just trying to keep up with the times since I might not write as much next week (vacation).

      I would have held off if I had noticed your’s first, but I was just so pleased with how my piece turned out that I wasn’t paying attention.

      • oh dude I was only joking, post whatever whenever, free blogging world! Cool creative post too. You even helped me, I didn’t realize it had come out on Steam, I quickly switched over and edited my post to include that lol.

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