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Grand Theft Auto V: If it doesn’t come to PC, I ain’t buying it

Last week, we saw the release of another full trailer for Rockstar’s upcoming entry into the Grand Theft Auto series. It looked incredible.

Ignoring the pure graphic quality, this trailer shows a lot of really impressive set pieces involving trains, car chases, and leaping from planes. Grand Theft Auto, as a series, has never been a stranger to awesome action scenes and events, but this trailer highlights what looks to be a game loaded down with enough heists, robberies, and random acts of criminal wrongdoing to fuel at least ten different Hollywood action movies.

Additionally, Rockstar’s knack for making interesting characters from a wide variety of backgrounds continues along in this trailer. While others have voiced some unease about the multiple character narrative, I think it’ll add a few added narrative layers that should potentially vary up the game’s interweaving plots into something other than ‘rags to riches’, Scarface-style criminal ‘coming of age’ stories.

However, Rockstar is playing chicken in the worst possible kind of way, and I think it just might cost them sells (whether a significant amount or not is hardly my point), including myself.

I am a PC gamer first. I do have access to a Xbox 360 (now), so I would easily be able to purchase GTAV upon release. However, why should I? My greatest memories of the series all come from playing it on a computer. I even remember my cousin and I having a sort of ‘arms race’ to see whose computer could run Vice City. Grand Theft Auto is not just a classic game series, but for me and many other people, it is a classic PC game series.

Even in their most recent interview with IGN, when asked specifically about a PC release, Rockstar failed to give a real straight answer. Dan Houser, Vice President of Rockstar, told IGN in regards to the PC platform: Everything else is up for consideration. That’s all I can give you. The main thing is we are not… we are a third-party publisher. We’re not Nintendo, we’re not Sony, we’re not Microsoft. We love all of them in different ways. But we can do what we want wherever there’s the appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market.

I get it. You need to turn a profit. That’s why I will accept that Microsoft might get the DLC first, or that the consoles my get earlier releases, or even the port you end up giving me barely supports the keyboard I used to search for the title on Steam and buy it. I hate to deny myself a good game on principles, but as a PC gamer who already sacrifices so much to play games that really found their calling on the Greatest Gaming Platform of All Time, won’t you sacrifice something for us Rockstar?


11 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V: If it doesn’t come to PC, I ain’t buying it

  1. It seems so bizarre, doesn’t it? Feels a bit like being betrayed by a trusted lover.

    What makes it even more odd, is that developers who are notoriously non-PC have started considering the PC a lot more now that digital distribution is mainstream, and Xbox and PC architecture is so familiar.

    Why then wouldn’t such a big company as Rockstar not obviously announce that a PC version is in the works?

    I’ve always been fine with GTA games coming out 6 months later on PC, because (usually) it allowed the control method to be changed to be very PC-centric, and I appreciated that. I’ve had no control issues with any GTA game on PC, and always found them MUCH easier to control than the console versions. (And I know, because I always buy them on console, play for 6 months, then sell them when PC version comes out :X)

    My only guess, is that Rockstar want to take the series more into consolised territory, and feel that PC fans are just going to complain the crap out of anything they release, like we admittedly did with Max Payne 3, and what IO are seeing now from us with Hitman.

    Which is silly.

    And Rockstar, PC gamers would have loved and praised RDR, just letting you know…

    • Yeah, I completely agree. Even if we did end up complaining about consolized elements, I still believe it would sale well enough to justify the port.

      It just annoys me that PC gaming is still so ostracized despite coming so far. It especially hurts when it is Rockstar, given their success on the platform. I think it hurts the industry as PC is the place where modders thrive and become the innovative developers of tomorrow.

  2. What! Why discriminate us,Rockstar?
    I’ve been a huge fan of the GTA series.When I first played Vice City I was just blown away by being able to do what ever I want. It meant an end to plain driving or shooting. It meant getting out cars,shooting,flying helos and planes.Then I played GTA 3, SA and GTA 4

    All that was on PC because GTA is a PC game right from its roots. No matter how good the consoles become, the real fun in playing GTA lies with playing it on a PC.And especially, the fun lied in stuff like “HESOYAM”, “OHDUDE”, “ASPIRINE”,”NUTTERTOOLS”. I fondly remember discussing these with fellow gamers in school and laughing over them.

    I’m quite sad that they wouldn’t treat PC at par with the consoles. PC’s were the one’s which actually gave a break to the GTA series initially.So,doesn’t the PC version deserve to be at par with the consoles?

  3. I’m sure the game will come to PC, but unfortunately, it probably will be several months down the road. But atleast PC gamers get all of the wonderful Mods people will create for it, GTA4 still looks incredible with the upgrades. I’ll pick it up on console, then get it on Steam later. But ill never understand why Red Dead Redemption never came to PC, that pisses me off more than any GTA game not coming. Red Dead could have been insane with mods!

  4. If the majority of PC gamers didn’t steal all their games this wouldn’t happen. Crytek moved to consoles and took away their amazing brand of spec pushing games from PC gamers because PC gamers didn’t give them any money for them, and it was a waste of their time and resources. Obviously it would be great if Crytek still made games like the first Far Cry and Crysis for PC and users paid for them, but if that’s not an option I’d rather have Crytek exist and make only console games.

    Honestly, how many of you guys bought the PC version of GTA IV at full price as soon as it was available? Or Max Payne 3? Red Dead didn’t come out because Rockstar ran the numbers and it wouldn’t have made them money. How did Max Payne sell on PC? It’s a simple idea, if people don’t buy first hand, official copies of PC games when they’re ported to PC, those ports will stop.

    Even if, by some miracle, you all paid Rockstar full price for GTA IV and May Payne, V still might not end up coming out. The sad truth is that most PC gamers don’t pay for their games.

    • The majority? Really? Surely if the majority of PC gamers stole their games, we’d see a far, far drier market than what we have now. Hell, Steam probably wouldn’t be the juggernaut that it has become.

      As far as your full price argument, the average PC gamer is a lot smarter (smaller market, higher level of complexity to maintain and upkeep the hobby) than your average console gamer. We are also typically older. This leads to a simple fact: I am not dumb enough to buy a game at full price anymore. Even my console side waits and waits for 95% of the games I end up purchasing to get a used copy or a deep discount.

      You can make an argument from there not being enough money in PC games. Though I disagree with you, I will at least accept that. But throwing around ‘majority’ and ‘most’ when it comes to PC gamers and whether they pay for games or not is absurd. My Steam library is loaded, my friend’s Steam libraries are loaded, and their friend’s are as well. Given, much of them were acquired at lower price points (where they wouldn’t have been bought otherwise). But my share of the vote – my money – has certain priorities. Most of which are a) supporting indie developers, and b) supporting Kickstarters. PC gamers do pay for their games. We just don’t compromise at every turn to pad the pockets of giant publishers.

  5. It seems every time that I purchase a PC game brand new there’s always some conflict between the game and my current machine even if my PC surpasses the minimum specs. Recently I’ve bought a few PC games directly from the manufacturer and the download was flawless.
    I killed my Xbox subscription. I’ll be playing on the PS3.

      • Digital distribution will continue to grow, and the next Xbox and PlayStation will further help with its usefulness and awareness, as I expect Microsoft and Sony to push it pretty well. This will be great, but also a little worrisome as its effect on retail outlets will be interesting seeing as how most are struggling as it is.

      • I agree. However, there isn’t really a retail space that I respect enough to really care. I feel like I am getting gouged by both Best Buy and Gamestop, and stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys-R-Us aren’t tied to my demographic specifically.

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