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Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

I had a chance to see Wreck-It Ralph, one of my more anticipated movies this holiday season, and I can’t say that I walked away unhappy.  Ultimately, it is a kid’s movie:  It is bright and colorful, the swearing uses potty-mouth buzzwords rather than anything a sailor would be proud of, and the rather cut-and-paste story line is endearing enough without doing anything really new.

Wreck-It Ralph is also a love letter to classic gaming.  With a huge variety of game cameos, lots of game jokes, and an interesting world that links them altogether as what happens when the arcade locks its doors for the night, this is a great gamer’s movie.  Though I might have been mistaken, I also could have sworn that one of the first scenes in Game Central Station (the hub world between the various arcade games) shows wall graffiti that says, “Aeris lives”.  If that isn’t a nod to all of the serious gamers out there, I don’t know what is.

Though the nostalgic cameos do cut out in the film’s second act, it is still a fun ride with a lot of good humor.  I would recommend it to almost anyone, but especially to those gamers who don’t usually find themselves watching kid’s movies.  You’ll find nostalgia somewhere in this movie to enjoy, I promise.


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