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A Few Kickstarter Projects I’ve Been Watching

Due to recent cutbacks (my student loans are here!), I’ve dropped my Kickstarting ways almost completely.  That said, I still have an addiction to the websites, and the creativity and ingenuity of the projects still being funded there everyday.  Here are a few that I wish I could fund:

I love space shooters, I love mecha, so Strike Suit Zero is an easy Must Play for me.  Add in the fact that the game looks stunning and that the art style on the mechs is a perfect blend of an Eastern staple with Western ideals, and you’ve got a game that I think everyone should fund.  Strike Suit Zero looks like a frenetic, fun game and it is a real shame that a game like this is somehow a niche title.

Dysis may look similar to Minecraft, but I think its love of robots, its willingness to let the player zoom out, and a bigger focus on mass combat really set it apart. I am especially excited that this game is already going to happen because it looks like exactly what I’ve been asking for more of: robots and RTS’s.

With all of the Android and MMO posts I do, it probably isn’t as obvious that I am a huge board gamer as well.  The last year of my life has been dedicated to playing Dominion, but there is definitely room in my board game closet for the likes of Boss Monster.  My favorite part of this game’s design is its dedication to classic videogame art.  As a cross-platform gamer, I really do wish board games and videogames influenced one another more often!


They are fucking dice rings.  What more can I add?


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