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Uninstalled: Guild Wars 2

This time last year, I was ecstatic for a new upcoming game called Guild Wars 2.  This time 6 months ago, I was ecstatic for an upcoming game called Guild Wars 2.  This time a month ago, I was ecstatic for a game called Guild Wars 2.  Yet, all of that is over and there is still a hole in my MMO heart waiting to be filled.

I really liked the game, even when finally getting to play it, so I don’t feel that I overhyped it for myself.  Guild Wars 2 is a marvelous combination of wonderful art, some definitely strong pieces of music, and really fun gameplay.  If I had to compare it to anything, I would say Guild Wars 2 is that really awesome birthday cake you got on that one special birthday.  It’s a gorgeous cake that some crazy cake artist turned into a beautiful rendition of a Goomba from Mario, you just know it’s your favorite flavor, and soon as you bite into it has that definite moist cake texture that sends waves of euphoric happiness through your brain … until you realize that this is a low fat cake and someone skimped on the sugar. As you spoon piece after piece of delicious looking cake into your mouth, you realize how really bland it is, and you soon push your plate away not because you are satiated but because you are bored.

Guild Wars 2 is a cake without enough sugar.  By that, I mean there is nothing drawing me back in.  Even after taking a break and playing other games (including a few days of World of Warcraft through a Scroll of Resurrection invite), I have no desire to jump back into Guild Wars 2.  That addicting and tantalizing sweetness to most MMOs just doesn’t exist for me in GW2.

I have no desire to master my character without a specific role to master as well.  Sure, I can specialize my skill layout to be really specific to one idea of a role, but there are so few skills and so few interesting traits that I get tired of that 30 minutes after respeccing.

I am not serious enough about PvP to wait for queues in WvW or to spend my time grinding tournaments in SPvP.  And even if I were, I don’t like the pseudo action feel of GW2 in PvP.

I wanted to love GW2, but it just isn’t for me.  The game does nothing to instill in drive in me to want to move forward and develop my character.  Perhaps I am too indoctrinated in needing a carrot to chase to play these types of games.  Or I just don’t want a clunky mix of action and RPG.  You choose.


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