Microreviews (Android): League of Evil, Plague Inc, Bad Piggies

League of Evil is a relatively fun platformer for Android with some decidely ugly retro graphics.  The game is pretty fun to pick up and play, as it is definitely going for that short and challenging level design of more recent platformers like Super Meat Boy.  However, as with most platformers, I cannot recommend it to everyone simply because the precision required makes the game a real bitch to play on a touchscreen.

If you can get past that, then yeah, play this game.

Download League of Evil now on Google Play.

I read somewhere in passing that this was a surprise hit on iOS, so when I saw it on Android it was an instant-try.  After the first ten minutes, I could tell I would hate ever trying this game.  Not because this game is bad, of course, but instead because it is maddingly addictive with a sadistic twist.

The game is more or less a menu-manipulation game with heavy RPG elements that tasks you with destroying all of humankind by evolving a disease in real time to spread throughout the world and kill everyone.  As you make your choices in which areas to expand the potency of your disease, you also have to race against various nations coming up with a cure that’ll end your game.

This is exactly what a mobile title should: fun, addicting, with enough difficulty and replayability to have you coming back again and again.  Get this if you have long commutes or don’t mind getting hooked into a game.

Download Plague Inc now on Google Play.

Angry Birds was never one of those games that I really understood.  Any time I tried to play it, I just got bored after a few puzzles and turned it off.  So the massive fanbase for the game and huge amounts of Angry Birds-themed items I see on a daily basis really throw me for a loop.  Once after a kid came dressed up head to toe with Angry Birds memorabilia  I joked to a coworker of mine that Angry Birds the Super Mario Brothers of the next generation of gamers.  Only, after uttering the joke did the truth and the horror of what I said dawned on me.

Angry Birds aside, Rovio has finally come up with a follow-up: Bad Piggies.  Secretly, I was hoping the game would be horrible since it is more fun to see a one hit wonder die a miserable death than a rising upstart prove itself.  Bad Piggies proves to me that Rovio can make fun games.  Bad Piggies plays like a perfect blend of the better elements of Angry Birds (quick levels designed to be easy enough not to frustrate you but with just enough added challenge if you want to get all of the stars) with an old favorite of mine: Super Solvers: Gizmos and Gadgets.

For every level, you are tasked with creating a machine from the available parts in the slots you have to use that will get to the end of the level.  It is simple enough, but the perfect controls combined with the incredible variety of parts and the spot on level design make this a true gem.  Bad Piggies has exceeded all of my expectations and I consider it one of the few MUST PLAY mobile games, without question.   Download it immediately.

Download Bad Piggies now on Google Play.

*All three games were played exclusively on a Nexus 7 8 gb tablet.


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