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I broke down and bought FTL after several really positive reviews and a friend’s recommendation.  I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.  This is exactly the sort of indie game that indie game makers should dream of making.  It is simple enough to grasp almost immediately, but varied enough to not be too dull.  It has a fairly smooth difficulty curve where you begin easy enough, but finishing takes some good planning and solid decision-making.  It is cheap and infinitely replayable.

This screenshot in particular is from my latest mission, and second highest scoring overall.  I didn’t get to the end, but I did get to sector 6.  The best part of this run was just how powerful my ship felt.  I had the shield disabling with enough of an added punch to take it down permanently.  Then I had plenty of Drones to finish the job, including a recovery arm so I could get my drone parts back.

Of course, there was one thing that could stop me: enemy boarding.  The irony is that I was just at a Store that was selling the anti-personnel drone.  I could’ve made better decisions and ultimately been better prepared for four Mantii, bloodied in previous battles, to board my ship and start cutting through my Engineer and Human crew like supernovas cut through space.  In the end, after the Mantii had disabled all of my systems and killed all of my crew save for one, it was suffocating in the cold reaches of space that ended my journey.

Buy this game now!


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