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Obsidian’s Kickstarter for a New Oldschool PC RPG is Live …

… and I have already backed it.   Have you?

If not, GO NOW.



7 thoughts on “Obsidian’s Kickstarter for a New Oldschool PC RPG is Live …

    • I think we are either in or are entering a new Golden Age for the PC. Not in terms of mass appeal and popularity (though I would argue that the hardcore PC audience is probably the same, numbers-wise, but the gaming medium as a whole has just blown up so much so quickly), but in terms of just returning to our roots. I mean, this week alone, I preordered a new XCOM game, I kickstarted a new isometric RPG and a new Total Annihilation, I read about the Wing Commander guy returning to games, and I’ve been playing more PC-only indie titles. Today, I am so happy and proud to be a PC gamer.

      • Hear Hear! Just a question. Was the Total Annihilation game the one where the wars take place across planets? Because if so… I’ve backed that one too! Haha!

      • Yeah, the Planetary Annihilation one. I wasn’t going to back it until I saw all the support it had received, and decided I might as well toss my hat in the ring too. I’ve been craving a good RTS for a while now.

        Oh and I forgot to mention that Black Mesa is out today! I think that counts toward the ‘Greatest Age of PC Gaming is coming back again’ hypothesis too.

  1. All these projects also have my money, but don’t you think this project is a little light on details compared to Wasteland 2 or Shadowrun? I feel like they just take for granted that we should trust them, and I would likely hold other companies to a higher standard.

    I think Reaper raised the bar on exciting Kickstarters – obsidian will have to go the extra mile, or there is little reason to spend money until the game is actually released. I write about Kickstarters pretty frequently on my blog – but confess I haven’t gotten around to talking about this one yet. I need to think about it a little more first.

    • It definitely is. I mean, we’ve got what I would equate to one long night at the bar’s worth of information and not much else. We don’t know how they will deviate from the typical High Fantasy setting to make something their own, we don’t know how they plan on modernizing the classic RPG or if they want to at all, nor do we know anything about the aesthetic.

      I do agree that they probably are taking for granted our willingness to jump in bed with them on this sort of project. I invested without reading anything other than the tier rewards and a brief article on Kotaku. I want this kind of game again and I feel these are the guys to do it, so they have my utmost faith. But that should worry me and others because they definitely can fail. I was once excited for Dragon Age for many of the same reasons as I am now for Project Eternity, and I really felt that Bioware let me down there (despite the popularity that game ultimately earned).

      Then again, Obsidian’s key players have made it clear that they wanted to do a Kickstarter for more than just being free of publisher shackles. Another key reason they wanted to do one is so they could have that direct fan interaction, and build a game with passion and community rather than business rooms and marketing value.

      In the end, they will have my faith until they don’t, and I am okay with that.

      • Well, I hope you follow up with more excellent articles on the subject as they develop. I am ever eager for Kickstarter articles that are not simply about people promoting their own wares.

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