Android: Final Fantasy III is a Must Buy

FINAL FANTASY III While away on hiatus, I bit a rather expensive bullet, and bought Final Fantasy III from Google Play to play on my Razr Maxx.  I couldn’t be more happy with spending my money.

Growing up in the late 90’s, like a lot of kids, I fell in love with the Final Fantasy series through the brilliantly marketed Final Fantasy VII.  It was one of the first games I owned for my Playstation 1 and it really caught my attention.  It was beautiful, the story was fascinating, and the strategy side of the gameplay offered a nice change of pace from other Japanese RPGs I had played.  My love of Final Fantasy VII created a spark within me that led me to fall in love with other games in the series, like Tactics, V, and VI.  I even went so far as buying the trading cards for Final Fantasy VIII and importing soundtracks.

The Final Fantasy series as a whole has really fallen out of favor with me lately, but when the chance to play one of the classics in the series that I had never played before arose, I had to take it.  And thus far, I have been really glad that I did.  Final Fantasy III runs like a real dream on both my Razr Maxx and my Nexus 7, and the updated art style ported from the Nintendo DS remake really gives a new game look to an old game feel.

In addition to the nice graphics, the game really plays like a dream.  The controls do everything you would expect, even allowing you to touch the characters and enemies you want to perform an action without forcing you to utilize old school menus.  Honestly, it gives the game a really polished feel when touching an enemy to attack it because you think it should work that way actually results in it working that way.  Final Fantasy III feels like a thought out port rather than a money-grabbing rehash.

The gameplay and story elements are all solid, though of course dated.  But if you were expecting something other than delicious retro goodness, you shouldn’t of bought this game anyway.

All in all, the experience has been really great thus far.  Sure, the price tag is rather steep, but this is a real gaming system quality game.  It has the bells, the whistles, the depth, and is a solid Final Fantasy experience that a lot of people here in the states most likely missed.  The game is a must for any classic RPG fan, Final Fantasy fan, or serious Android gamer: even at its full price point.

Google Play: Final Fantasy III


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