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Crowdsourcing Skyrim Advice: Modding for First Return Back

I played the heck out of Skyrim closer to when it came out, but since then I have reformatted my computer.  I did so without backing up my thief, my mage, or my warrior.  With Dawnguard looking so completely awesome, I think it is time I get something leveled up to play it.

However, since I didn’t mod the game at all the first time, I’d really like to grab a few to make the game more interesting and more challenging.  I don’t want to break the overall flavor of the game.  I’d also like to stick to mods that improve sword and board gameplay (which I plan on doing this time, maybe with some Restoration thrown in to make a Paladin type).

So, what do you recommend to make Skyrim a better, more fun, and certainly more challenging experience?


3 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing Skyrim Advice: Modding for First Return Back

  1. I came upon your blog through the Gaming Nexus (of which I’m part as well) and saw this post when playing around a bit. I have no idea if you’re still playing / if you started playing Skyrim again, but here are some mods I really like for that game:

    – Countervibe ENB: crazy overhaul of game graphics that makes it look so much better!
    – SkyTES – Realistic Animals: animals hunt and generally act smarter
    – Better females: greatly improved the details on female characters

    I have a post with links to the mods here (plus many more I like): http://ravalation.blogspot.nl/2012/08/skyrim-mods.html

    Have fun!


    • Thanks for the reply. I never got into too deep when I returned, so I still do have to go through Dawnguard, so your help is much appreciated. Thanks for your link. I will give it a one over. I do need to get around and finally get back to the game.

      • Cool, let me know what you think if you try them out! I haven’t played Dawnguard myself yet either, since there’s still loads to do in Skyrim for me. I also thought it was a bit expensive for an expansion, so I’ll be buying it in a year or so, when it hopefully will be a bit cheaper.

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