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E3 2012: Favorites from Day 1

Halo 4

I may not have a 360 anymore, but I will always be a big fan of the series.  I have memories from every single Halo game, plus I liked the universe enough to read the books a few years back (several of which were surprisingly decent sci-fi).

This trailer made me sad.  First of all, it is a reminder that I probably won’t play it since I have no intention of buying a new 360 anytime soon.  More importantly though, it is a reminder that Bungie has moved on.  As a developer, Bungie was always the best part about playing and following the Halo franchise.  Their style and innovation were top notch, but they also brought a lot of personality and good will to the community.  I love them dearly and am really excited to see their next project.

In 343’s Halo 4, there is an obvious different approach, especially stylistically.  It looks and feels like Halo, but the addition of a new set of enemies and weapons seems like it will really help to cement this new trilogy as a fresh start.

I couldn’t be more pleased either.  I think 343 can do it, especially since they have some of the best Halo minds working for them.  I hope this new approach plays out a little closer to Metroid Prime than Halo 1, and I think the trailers definitely support that theory.  With more exploration and mystery paired alongside hopefully a return of the series great AI and fun multiplayer, this should be a ‘can’t miss’ title.

Assassin’s Creed 3

I have never played an Assassin’s Creed game for more than five minutes.  They have always looked interesting, but none have grabbed me enough to force me to buy them.  After seeing Assassin’s Creed 3 though, I am starting to regret the series for so long.

Set in the American Revolution, I thought the gameplay footage shown during Ubisoft’s conference was a little silly.  Apparently wearing hoods out of time period is a prime way to not get spotted, and charging the army that invented lining up and shooting head-on without taking a single hit seemed silly.  Of course, I can spot the silly, over-the-top fun of it.  Plus, I am excited to see the American Revolution utilized in a videogame.

More importantly though, the ship footage battle REALLY grabbed me.  That was completely bad ass and awesome.  It really made me appreciate the knowledge of ship weaponry I learned from Sid Meier’s Pirates! and it made me want to give the Dante’s Inferno treatment to Moby Dick in the form of a third person ship game borrowing the elements from the AC3 demo mixed with Shadow of the Colossus (you know that sounds completely amazing).

Maybe when the Steam sales kick in again I will catch up on the Assassin’s Creed series.

Watch Dogs

Perhaps the worst name possible for such a high concept game, but this one completely stole the day (and I am imagining the entire conference).  It has all of the elements of a slick cyberpunk story, but set in a modern setting with what looks to be a lot of social commentary on how interconnected our world truly is.

I won’t say much more because the demo speaks for itself, but damn if I am not excited to see a lot more of this game.


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