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Humble Indie Bundle V is the Avengers of Indie Gaming

If you haven’t heard yet, the latest Humble Indie Bundle was announced yesterday.  I have already purchased mine, despite owning all of the games in it already – I still needed the soundtracks, after all.

The best advice I can give you is to buy it right this second.  But if you aren’t sold yet, here are a few super short reviews for each title:

A classic quirky platformer.  Set in a fantastic world where summer camp actually is a cover to train psychically powerful children to fight evil.  It’s funny, original, and a game that shouldn’t be missed, especially now, years after its release.

Dark, mysterious, and utterly scary: Amnesia is a nightmare come to life. It’s a game where fighting isn’t allowed.  As you descend into the darkness, your madness (and your pulse) rapidly increase.  This game is a definite experience to be had.  Though not one to be had alone if you are a wimp.

An inspired use of a minimal aesthetic, Limbo was definitely one of my favorite games when it released.  Largely a trial and error puzzle-platformer, the game still feels fresh, inventive, and completely alarming.  After all, who lets what appears to be a young boy run around a monochromatic world of broken pipes and giant spiders?

I first played this game back when I still had an iPod Touch 3G.  Though it was definitely a fun touch-based adventure game and the art-style was, to put it plainly, neat, it was the music that stole the show. Jim Guthrie’s soundtrack for the game, especially with how it is implemented into the gameplay, is one of my favorite soundtracks ever.  In this case, I definitely say buy the bundle for the music alone.  But thankfully the game kicks ass too.

Finally, the bonus title: Bastion.  Oh and what a bonus it is!  No matter what price you have to pay, if you have yet to own it, Bastion is a must.  The game is a perfect blend of great art, a great soundtrack, and fun action-rpg style gameplay. However, the real standout of the game is its use of narration to constantly direction the player and back up the games narrative.  It is a splendid game, and probably the best all-around game on this entire list.


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