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DOTA 2: Officially Free to Play and Not Pay to Win

The DOTA 2 Blog has officially announced new information (that everyone had already guessed) about the upcoming moba DOTA 2.  The game will indeed be free to play, and its microtransaction store will not feature any Play to Win elements.  Instead, it will be a place for fans to upload and vote on content, which can then become officially apart of the game and sold in the store. The creator does get a slice, so he sounds like a real win-win for Valve.

Also, unlike its obvious competitor, League of Legends, all heroes in DOTA 2 will be completely free, all the time, for every player.  While this was pretty much expected, I am still not entirely happy about it.  I was really hoping they would at least limit heroes in a way to mimic League’s leveling system to ease some of the pain of learning the game.



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