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What I hate the most about League of Legends …

I never adventure out of unranked blind draft.  I have 500 wins, I am not a complete newb, but I really do not like MOBA’s when people start taking them too seriously.  That doesn’t mean I AFK or give up and feed.  Quite the opposite, actually.  I always try my hardest.  I always try to win.  But there is a difference between trying and taking the game too seriously.  Most people, though, take the game far too seriously, and often degenerate to swear-bots and insult-machines when things go south (or even before that).  Given, I am an adult and I swear a lot too, but some matches start sounding like someone took a final swing to a pinata filled with Xbox Livers, i.e. it is really fucking foul.

That is not what I hate the most, though.  Like I said, I am old enough to ignore the rude assholes.  Though that widely pervasive seriousness is a major indicator of the issue.  Namely, the 100%, number one, without a shadow of doubt, issue that I have with this game is the Meta.

I love playing support.  I own most of them, including skins, and I have spent a lot of time getting above average with most of the major ones.  Past the Support role, I am about average though still fairly knowledgeable about the game.  I have full rune pages for pretty much every role.  I have a few mids I don’t mind playing, a couple of tops that I won’t feed as, and though I am less comfortable with it, I can play an AD ranged bottom in a pinch.  Of course, if you are an avid League player, you might realize the one role I am leaving out: jungling.

I absolutely hate jungling.  Not only is it boring, but it is one of the more stressful jobs in any game.  If you fail a gank, don’t gank, don’t show up immediately, then you are ridiculed, hated, and demeaned … even if you had a good reason to be elsewhere!  I don’t care to really roam a lot, nor do I like ganking.  I much prefer supporting, protecting, taking objectives, and winning team fights.  Running out of some bushes full boar, some sort of weapon raised high, trying to catch a couple of jerks who are just going to flash anyone is NOT fun to me.

This brings us back to the Meta.  As the game currently stands, the Meta demands that there typically be some sort of tanking ad bruiser soloing up top, an ap ranged burster in mid, a support babysitting (as in not taking any minion kills) an ad ranged bottom, and some sort of jungler.  Nine out of ten times, solo top and mid are called immediately every game, and the ad bottom soon follows.  As a relatively nice person, I don’t autolock a champ unless I really have a hard on to play a particular one.  It is rude and I prefer waiting to pick something that’ll help my team win.

But some times people pick the Support before I do.  In these situations, more often than not, I get stuck with the Jungle role, which again, I hate.  Other times the ad roll, which is easily my second worst role behind jungling.

At this point you make think I am some sort of crybaby.  That it is a team game and people like me need to adapt and get better at roles we don’t necessarily like.  I don’t disagree, not entirely at least. BUT, I think the Meta makes the game really boring.  Rarely do I get to break out my favorite hybrid, Karma, without stealing ap mid or getting bitched out at bottom because I am trying my best to split minion waves equally.  I could try for a kill lane, but often the other player is worse than I am or the coordination just isn’t there.

Even if the coordination were perfect, it is only a matter of time (usually the very first moment something bad to my team happens) before I get bitched out for not adhering to the Meta.  It really is crazy how strictly everyone adheres to the Meta, even in completely unimportant blind draft normal games.  It is almost as if Riot has hard coded into the game specific roles that players have to pick, rather than leaving them free to pick any champion they want.

Which really sucks because despite the community and cycle of ‘overpowered until everyone finishes buying it’ champions, I rather like playing League.  Sure, it is frustrating.  Sure, it can take far too long.  But it is rarely boring. That is until the Meta sweeps in and forces me to queue dodge because I hate jungling or makes me yawn because playing the exact same lane setup every time is a real snooze.

In conclusion, fuck you Meta, and the razer branded horse you rode in on.


4 thoughts on “What I hate the most about League of Legends …

  1. I must admit that I agree with a lot you say. I like to play support as support. My favorites right now are Kayle and Lulu. I don’t want to play Kayle as a tank, she is a fighter/support. I want to blow people up while helping to keep somebody alive. As Lulu, I again want to kill stuff while keeping people alive. I don’t want to mid, I don’t want to get blamed for being a kill stealer when I am killing minions.

    I will never, ever play a jungler. Good on you for at least doing it. I hate that role with a passion.

    • Yeah, I have been rocking a little Lulu lately. I had dusted off my Janna, but lane phase Janna isn’t too fun unless I am going against the right combo where I can harass like a champ. I do love some Kayle though, and like any hybrid, she is a prime example of where I think the babysitting portion of the Meta sets the game back. Just like with Karma, you’ll never be allowed any amount of farm bottom anymore without getting bitched at nonstop.

    • Yeah. I wish I had the patience, time, and confidence to learn DOTA 2. From what I have been told and what I have seen, that game definitely has more options.

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