PC Gaming

Planetside 2 is officially my most anticipated new MMO.

While it has been a long time in the making, today, the 24th of May 2012, is officially the day that Planetside 2 overtakes all other upcoming MMOs as my most anticipated.  Yes, that means I want it more than Blizzard’s next MMO, more than any Marvel-based MMO, more than any MMO that does PvE right but bucks the stale high fantasy setting, and even more than Guild Wars 2.

Look at this trailer.  Large-scale, action-packed dogfights over beautifully rendered battlefields that, come launch, will also be covered in fighting and corpses.  Add in the intensely detailed skill system that lets players specialize in exactly the sort of things they want to do, and you have me wanting to start the <Aces in the Sky>: an all flight, all the time sky domination guild.


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