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Phantasy Star Online 2: I hope it can live up to its name …

In case you were unaware, there is a sequel to the classic Dreamcast game Phantasy Star Online in the works.  I certainly had no idea, but after watching some beta footage (found here on Droid Gamers), my curiosity is definitely kicking into gear.

Once upon a time, I was a boy with a Dreamcast.  I loved and cherished my Dreamcast dearly.  I still do, in fact.  Around a year ago, I lifted it out of its cage (a lovely dresser drawer at my parent’s place) and bought a whole slew of accessories.

I am talking new VMUs, new new controllers, and yes new extension cables for those controllers.  I even took the liberty of obtaining not-exactly-legal copies of nearly every game on the system that I had previously owned (and some that would have been prohibitively expensive to obtain).   It was a real blast to resurrect the damn thing and play it again.

However, one particular title that I loved so dear and near when I first owned the system, Phantasy Star Online, I have never revisited.  I never saw a point given the lack of Sega.Net, and somehow I have managed to skip every iteration of the series since.

With all of this in mind, I am very interested to see how this new game pans out.  The beta footage looked surprisingly polished and fun.  The free-to-play nature and the fact that it is coming to PC both help.  After all, I am not sure I would revisit the series if I had to go through Xbox Live to do so.

Interestingly enough, an Android (and iOS) launch of the game has me both horrified and intrigued.  I don’t mind mobile gaming, but something as action-packed as Phantasy Star Online seems like a poor fit.  On the other hand, any mobile MMO that doesn’t have Legends as the second word in the title is instantly welcome.  I will probably give it a shot on all platforms.

Of course, if you one of those troubled gamers who never had a chance to play Phantasy Star Online, let me tell you why it was awesome:

  • It was more of an action-rpg.  Imagine it sort of like Diablo but with controls that work incredibly well on a controller.
  • Its setting had a lot of that sci-fi/fantasy, Japanese mash-up charm.  Sure, it was a little bit of everything, but shooting dragons with laser rifles is a kind of everything I can get behind.
  • It was a flippin’ online game with four-player co-op, sprawling dungeons, tons of character customization, great action combat, all played on a flippin’ 56k modem via Sega.net.  And it worked.  Quite well, in fact.  As with the Dreamcast itself, the first Phantasy Star Online was a game way before its time (at least as far as consoles go).

All in all, I am curious, but not much else.  I did love the original and I do hope this game lives up to it, at least as a solid free-to-play time waster.  If I could mod my Dreamcast controller to work on my PC it would be a day one download … memories and nostalgia being what they are.


2 thoughts on “Phantasy Star Online 2: I hope it can live up to its name …

  1. All your childhood experiences (Dreamcast, Final Fantasy, UO) seem to line up with mine timeline wise. You weren’t, perchance, a 1989-90 kid were you?

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