I couldn’t agree more with Diminishing Return’s argument …

This is an excellent post and an amazing rebuttal to anyone (ahem, Roger Ebert) who thinks gaming is NOT art.

Diminishing Returns


What do the da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Mozart’s 5th Symphony and Braid have in common?

Very little?

While catching up on my Reader list, I came across an article by respected film critic Roger Ebert from 2010, via Thade. In it Ebert dismisses the idea that video games can be considered Art, or that they ever will ever be recognized as art.

In the first entry of my series on video games as art, I would like to purely explore the debate from Roger’s position, which can be summarized as the follows:

1)      Video games have rules, objectives and an outcome (unlike Art)

2)      Authorial vision is central to art and is destroyed by player control in games

3)      No one can cite a game comparable to great poetry, novels and films

4)      Video games are primarily a business

5)      Why do gamers even care whether the…

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