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First Impressions of Marvel Heroes’ First Trailer

I enjoyed City of Heroes a lot, but the content got far too repetitive.  I love the aesthetics of Champions Online, but in beta I realized the game wasn’t for me.  And I bought DC Universe Online at launch and genuinely loved it (though it too got old quickly and was far too limited).  Needless to say, I have no problem giving superhero MMOs a shot despite the mixed results I have often had with them.

With the release of a new game trailer comes my first gut feelings on Marvel Heroes, a new action-rpg style MMO from Gazillion Games.  I definitely get the Diablo vibe others have mentioned from the gameplay footage.  Though I was never a big Diablo fan, I do think it is the right way to go.  After all, Marvel: Ultima Alliance was pretty fun on consoles, and it shared a similar feel to other console action-rpg games like Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance or the modern Gauntlet series.

The number one complaint I heard when I followed DC Universe usually went something like this: Why can’t I be Batman?  Why can’t I be the Joker?  Why can’t I team up with Green Arrow as Green Lantern?  Marvel Heroes addresses this by simply taking the opposite approach: everyone can play any hero (apparently ever, though I am sure they will charge for them League of Legends style … or at least they should).  I can’t say that it excites me any more to be able to play as any of my Marvel favorites, but I do think it fits the style of game they are going for far more than creating your own hero.

I want to learn more and see more.  I like the idea of players customizing their own heroes by using various costume pieces from a particular character’s history, but that also sounds like a potential mess.  If anything, I would be very excited for this game if they came outright and said, “We are making a Marvel Comics version of Diablo II mixed more with the gameplay and sensibilities of a DOTA-like such as League of Legends.”

PvE League of Legends with characters I actually like sounds pretty bad ass to me.


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