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Now Backing Drifter: A Space Trading Game

Why?  I absolutely love these types of games.  Though I have never really tackled a lot of the true classics of the space sim genre, one of my favorite games of all time is Freelancer.  Similarly, it provided an open experience where you could become a pirate, escort ships, or engage in intergalactic trade.   The world was a blast to explore and even more a blast to blast other ships in.

Often these types of games can lean far too much in the heavy simulation area and force the player to learn a lot of complicated buttons, maneuvers, and systems.  Drifter seems to be a more casual approach to exploring procedural worlds. Needless to say, as a new game in the genre that looks promising to play, I am really excited for Drifter, and super happy to help kickstart it and bring it to the PC.

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the man doing the soundtrack is pretty good (especially with The Binding of Isaac).

If you would like to contribute, please visit: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/celsiusgs/drifter-a-space-trading-game


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