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Contains Moderate Peril on The Secret World

I had a chance to play The Secret World this weekend (thank you PC Gamer). I didn’t do a write up on it because I had a lot of trouble getting the game to run smoothly on my computer. Despite the quad core, the large amount of ram, and the relatively decent graphics card, the game just didn’t want to play along with my setup.

However, I did make it through enough of the game to agree almost entirely with Contains Moderate Peril. The game definitely has more potential than I had given it credit for, and seems like it could be a lot of fun. The atmosphere feels spot on and the gameplay feels fresh enough to not be a complete bore.

My only serious complaint had to do with the writing and the pacing of the early story. It seemed strange to me that everything happened so fast and that people were being so up front with me about the organizations they work for. I understand that the game, especially as a MMO, needs to hit the ground running. However, if I know anything about horror and suspense (be it books, shows, movies, or games), you need to have a build up. The first ten minutes of The Secret World had me completely lost not in a world of mystery, the occult, and supernatural wonders, but instead in a world of bad writing, half-assed excuses, and “I don’t what the fuck is happening here.”

I will definitely being paying attention to this game going forward, but for a more in depth hands-on right now, please go to: http://www.containsmoderateperil.com/the-secret-world-my-first-impressions/


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